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Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching yoga will likely be one of the most rewarding and transformative journey's you’ll take. Facilitating yoga experiences – in essence being a yoga teacher – is much more than cueing a series of physical shapes - it is also a very personal evolution in your own practice and understanding of yoga. With more knowledge you can go deeper into the practice.

Yoga is a life-long journey of discovery - much more than a system of physical development. We teach in a holistic way encompassing the deeper, subtler aspects of yoga. Whilst definitely emphasising the physical body, our system also specifically works with the breath, the energy and the mind in order to help bring about a balanced state of well-being, vitality and a deeper connection with yourself.

If you are inspired to delve deeper into the study of yoga, then we are committed to helping you as much as we can. Whether you decide to undertake this training for your own education and personal development or whether you intend to teach, you are welcome on our courses. Through yoga teacher training you will gain the knowledge to develop a strong personal practice with a greater understanding about how yoga is practised traditionally.

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