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Enrollments are closed for 2021, 2022 dates TBC


  • 6 x week Online Yoga Study Group - Setting the foundations of Yoga and You.

  • 9 x in person contact weekends (Fri - Sun) in Auckland June - December

  • 21 x Instructional Videos

  • 6 x  Live Refine & Review Webinars

  • Guidelines and support for Self-guided home practice.

Held at Yoga Ground Studio, Auckland,

Why Ashram Yoga?

  • Ashram Yoga has been successfully conducting teacher trainings courses since 1980. Our two senior tutors have over 40 years of combined experience and dedication to yoga.

  • We offer a supportive, interactive, experience-based learning environment.

  • Our training is renowned for having the most actual class construction and teaching practice time.

  • You are invited to contact tutors and peers during the course for clarification. support, and to remain connected to your training community.

  • We teach a traditional, practical and holistic approach to Yoga which is applicable to the modern world.

  • This course is designed to suit all levels of experience (both the training student and their recipients). Your learning is progressive, allowing for integration with depth of understanding and exploration.

  • We offer an ongoing Graduate Support Program.  Something unique to Ashram Yoga!  This is a complimentary offering as our continued commitment to support and inspire you! Step into the live portion of this course again free of charge.  Use this to refine learning, review material or “connect again to the source”. The only thing necessary is your commitment and live presence.  Click here for full details.

Your training teaches you to:

  • Create holistic group and individual classes for differing levels of ability and needs including utilising yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), relaxation and meditation practices.

  • Apply absolute beginners to intermediate yoga practices for overall health, wellness, and therapeutic benefits.

  • Understand how to apply the practices for optimum effect – for yourself and in yoga classes.

  • Understand the physiological and psychological effects of practicing yoga: how it affects our body, energy, brain, and mind.

Our learning environment is engaging, fascinating, interactive, fun and supportive.  You are encouraged and guided within your individual journey as well as within the shared experience of your group.  Our  senior tutors offer their combined passion, experience, understanding and love of yoga to make this a rich and rewarding exploration!

Yogic tools you experience and learn to share

  • Asanas:  On this course we cover an extensive range of postures including moving, holding and corrective for the various bodily systems.   Learn variations and modifications to create integrity within your teaching and personal practice. 

  • Pranayama: Breathing techniques to both energise and balance the body.  Learn to teach six pranayama techniques and how to create effective combinations for various conditions and effects.

  • Mudra: Yogic hand gestures that direct internal energy.  Learn how they can be applied and used to harness energy within your practice.

  • Mantra: Sanskrit words, sounds and phrases that, when chanted, help to focus the mind and create a meditative state.  Learn how to incorporate mantra into your meditation practice and the meaning behind using mantra.

  • Nidra Vidya: Systematic yogic relaxation to release stress and tension from body/emotion/mind.  You learn how to construct and deliver a succinct and effective relaxation and understand the benefits of including this in a class.

  • Dhyana:  Meditation practices that will increase awareness and calm the mind.  Learn to effectively and progressively guide people into meditation via three different applications as a stand alone practice or combined with asana and pranayama.

  • Shatkarmas: Techniques to purify and cleanse the body.

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Structure and function of the main physiological systems. Learn anatomy of the muscular, skeletal and fascia systems for integrity and safety in yoga classes.

  • Yoga Application: Elementary therapeutic yoga for common issues within yoga classes.  Application of yoga to harmonise the body, energy, mind and emotions.

  • Teaching Skills: Teaching methodology, class structure, lesson planning and practical experience.

  • Ayurveda: Introduction to Ayurveda – the sister science to yoga and how it correlates to yoga.

  • Philosophy: Satsangs (discussions) on yoga philosophy and ancient wisdom.

Course Outline

Yoga and You – 6-week Online Yoga Study Group: Gain a deeper understanding of yoga, yoga anatomy and establish a solid personal practice. This offers you a firm foundation of knowledge and experience of true yoga to set you up for your full teacher training exploration. It also creates connection with other group members and eases you back into a learning environment!

Over the 6 weeks you personalise your understanding through:

  • Discussion of the anatomy of the body and how that relates to specific target postures. We examine some of the key postures of yoga, why we do them, correct movement, and possible modifications you could make if needed. 

  • Pranayama (breathing) practices and discussion on the benefits and 'how to's'. 

  • Introduction to relaxation and meditation through traditional and simple practices.

  • Weekly Home study guidelines and handouts plus connection through a Facebook group page for Q&A between weekly meetings.


9 x weekend in-house modules:

Progressive in person learning

Practical monthly assignments comprising home practice and written exercises.  Assignments are reviewed by tutors and established Ashram Yoga teachers and returned with comments, feed forward and guidelines for ongoing personal refinement and reflection. 

Additional Workshops and Online Learning:

Introduction to Ayurveda 

History of Yoga 

Review & Refine Monthly Webinars 

Training Dates

Applications have closed for 2021

Dates to be comfirmed for 2022

Yoga and You: 

6 week Online Yoga Study Group   (12hrs) 


Weekend Modules:

Weekend 1: (19hrs)

Weekend 2: (19hrs)

Weekend 3: (19hrs) 

Weekend 4: (19hrs)

Weekend 5: (19hrs)

Weekend 6: (19hrs)

Weekend 7: (19hrs)

Weekend 8: (19hrs)

Weekend 9: (19hrs)


Each weekend consists of:

Friday 4 - 9.30pm

Saturday 11am - 7.00pm

Sunday 11am - 6.30pm 


Workshops and Online Learning:

Introduction to Ayurveda   (4hrs)

History of Yoga                     (3hrs)

2hr Monthly Review & Refine Online Forum (12 hrs)

Course Instructors

Ashram Yoga-141.jpg
Ashram Yoga-35 (1).jpg

Atma Okan

Atma Okan is the Managing Director of Ashram Yoga, having been involved since Ashram Yoga’s inception. Atma is highly regarded by students and teachers for her lifetime's dedication to the yogic path. Her long experience of practicing and teaching yoga, combined with her understanding disposition make her a wonderful teacher and support. 

Devananda Gleitman

Devananda or 'Dee' is a Director and Senior Instructor at Ashram Yoga. Having studied with, taught and trained for Ashram Yoga for over a decade she whole-heartedly brings focus to Ashram Yoga course development, teacher and trainee support and connection. Dee is known for her abundance of infectious energy, good humour and appreciated for making yogic principles relevant and achievable in daily life. 

Sankalpananda Saraswati (Wendy Vermeulen)

Sankalpa is  the Director and Founder of Pranabar and Senior Instructor at Ashram Yoga.  She has been passionately and devonationally pursuing self expansion in many facets for over 30 years, starting the journey in the fitness industry with an interest in all things body.  Her journey soon expanded into mind, energy and higher consciousness.  Through the vast teachings of yoga and the latest findings in Neuroscience, Quantum Physics and more, Sankalpa is forever inspring and expanding our awareness on teacher trainings.

Additionally, other expert teachers are involved on trainings to deliver specialty topics and offer their wealth of experience and perspectives. ​


Option 1: Full payment 

NZ $4,995.  This includes the full course and workbooks, 6 months access to Ashram Yoga’s online Class Vault, 18 training videos on Pranayama and Meditation, 6 x tutor recorded 90 minute classes taught on the training.

Option 2: Instalment payments:
NZ$5,300 to pay via instalment option.


Early bird Discount:
Save $200 if you register and pay 4 months prior to course commencement.


To establish your place on course, a $550 non-refundable deposit must be made.

(Cash, EFTPOS and Online Transfer payment methods only)


Missed Weekends:
If due to personal circumstances, you must miss a weekend you can arrange for a course instructor to take you through the course material personally. The cost is $300 per day missed, per person.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:  

The $550 deposit is non-refundable.  If you withdraw from the course one month prior to the start date and after paying in full, the course fee will be refunded less the deposit and less any bank transaction fees. If you withdraw within a month of the training start date, 50% of your payment will be refunded, less the deposit.  Once the course starts, no money will be refunded.


We have two scholarships on offer valued at $2395 each.
For more information and details on how to apply, visit the scholarships page.

No events at the moment

Join Ashram Yoga’s teacher training program to become a confident, competent, and qualified yoga teacher. This 200hr Yoga Alliance registered training gives you a firm foundation in yoga whether your intention is to teach or deepen your own knowledge. 

200hr Teacher Training 

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 Graded Jpegs-1050533.jpg

What people say

Meredith McGrath, 2020

The training through Ashram led me to a place of transformation. It allowed me to process what was going on in my inner world and face challenges that previously felt insurmountable.  The commitment I made to yoga allowed the yoga to work for me and take me through this change. We learnt the ‘how’ experientially and then importantly the ‘why’ in how to approach our practice. From all that I have gained I look forward to sharing this incredible life practice and its power to create a freedom and peace for whoever chooses it.

Kathryn Patten, 2020

Although I have practised Yoga for many years, when I started the L1TT with Ashram Yoga, I realised how much I didn’t know about myself. I came to learn postures but had no idea the level of expansion, growth and transformation that I would undergo. Atma, Dee and the Ashram family, have such a way of making you ‘want’ to learn more, providing a safe and supportive environment to do this. I never thought I wanted to share Yoga, however now, well, I just want to dive in and share with everyone what I have learnt.  There is so much more to Yoga than just postures!

Thank you Ashram Yoga for providing such a caring and inspiring environment – I can’t wait for the next chapter!  

Simona, 2020

The TT with Ashram Yoga has been one of the most transformational and grounding experience of my life so far. On a personal level, it supported an incredible change of perspective, about the world and myself and the way I experience "reality", switching from reactive to responsive dynamics.

This course offers not only a complete and detailed learning of the Asana portion, but braided into it, is an understanding of the phylosophy of Yoga and a depth of Pranayama and Meditation practice, which created integrated studies of the science of Yoga.

Atma and Dee are incredibly supportive and the teachings are delivered in a fun and interactive way indeed. 

I'm looking forward to continue following this lineage.

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