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+ 300hr Advanced Teacher Training

Stage 1 (160hrs) deepens your knowledge from our 200hr course, to encompass the more energetic and philosophical aspects of yoga. Stage 2 (140hrs) is designed to continue your evolution of learning, practice and application of yoga life skills, whilst qualifying you for Yoga Alliance’s 300-hour certification.

Course Structure

2021 dates to be announced.

Course Content

Stage 1 (160hrs)

This portion of the training brings comprehensive focus on postures, an introspective approach to yoga philosophy and an explorative understanding of pranayama and meditation techniques.


We introduce and delve deeply into experiencing and teaching about the subtle body. This includes the study of prana (life force), chakra’s (energy centres), kosha’s (subtle bodies) and kundalini (spiritual force). These aspects of yoga are tremendously enriching, fascinating and practical on a personal level, as well growing and developing your teaching.

Philosophically we introduce the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – an ancient text that addresses the essential principles of yoga and the development of the mental and spiritual faculties existent within us all. This text is of fundamental importance in yoga study, often inspiring new perspective and offering new insight and relationship with one’s practice. This text comprehensively explores the mind, how it works and how to work with it.

We also explore the application of Ayurveda with yoga as well as the principles and application of tantra and yoga (including pranagunastattwasnadischakras and koshas).
Stage 1 is fully inclusive of our Yoga Nidra Level 1 training module enabling you to competently and confidently share this transformative yogic technique.

Stage 2 (140hrs)

This portion of the training offers practices that most people never experience and perspectives that are not well-known. These tools and techniques are approached through your own experience and understanding of them and show how you can share them with others in a relevant and systematic way. 

Yoga practices include:

  • Advanced yoga asanas

  • Extended Dhara Yogasana & Namaksaras (flowing postures)

  •  Advanced pranayama techniques

  •  Mudra techniques (energetic gestures).

Teaching practices:

  • How to assess your students physically

  • Teaching for special needs

  • Postures for therapeutic application

  • The use and practice of mudra in yoga teaching

  • Nada Yoga (yoga of sound) in a teaching situation.

Advanced meditation techniques:

  • Using chakras and their kshetrams (trigger points for chakras)

  • The deeper yoga symbols of the psyche and how to use these in Yoga Nidra

  • In-depth meditation series

  • Dharana Akasha – study of the main inner spaces of the subtle body.

Advanced yoga philosophy:

  • Samkhya Philosophy

  • Mantra and Sanskrit chants.

Skills Gained

We view the study and practice of yoga as a twofold embodiment – for personal growth and development and to enrich your teaching potential. Here is what you will receive from this training from each perspective.

  • Supported steps toward self-growth and evolution.

  • Life management tools.

  • Exposure to higher practices to utilise in your own practice.

  • An intellectually engaging and stimulating environment with freedom of query and expression.

  • The opportunity to meet and connect in with like-minded people.

  • The opportunity to be in an inspiring and beautiful environment, fully catered to and fed wholesome nourishing food.

  • The opportunity to shift your perspective, develop and enhance positive self qualities.

Yoga Teaching:

  • Learn to teach from an energetic perspective.

  • Increase your creativity and diversity of your classes.

  • Exposure to higher practices to share with others.

  • Develop the capacity to trust yourself and teach intuitively .

  • Become more specific in how you apply your knowledge of yoga.

  • Reflect and share the depth of one month’s fully focused experience. 

  • Discover and strengthen your unique attributes as a yoga teacher.  ​

Course Instructors

ashram profile shots_lr-7_edited_edited.

Atma Okan

Atma Okan (pictured right) is the Managing Director of Ashram Yoga, having been involved since Ashram Yoga’s inception. She manages and lives adjacent to Ohui Retreat with her young family. Atma is highly regarded by students and teachers for her lifetime's dedication to the yogic path. Her long experience of practising and teaching yoga, combined with her understanding disposition make her a wonderful teacher and support. 

Devananda Gleitman

Devananda or 'Dee' (pictured left) is a Director and Senior Instructor at Ashram Yoga. Having studied with, taught and trained for Ashram Yoga for over a decade she whole-heartedly brings focus to Ashram Yoga course development, teacher and trainee support and connection. Dee is known for her abundance of infectious energy, good humour and appreciated for making yogic principles relevant and achievable in daily life. 

Additionally, other teachers are involved on trainings to deliver specialty topics and offer their wealth of experience and perspectives. ​

Check out more info about our teachers here!

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