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Graduate Support Program

Providing Continuing Education and Support

Your yoga training experience doesn’t finish at the completion of the course. We recognise that the real learning transpires outside of the class! We know that applying and understanding your learning is a continual process. We encourage you to continue to feel connected and supported post-teacher training through Ashram Yoga’s unique Graduate Support Program.

This is a complimentary way to enable you to continue learning and growing by revisiting/retaking courses and trainings once you have completed them. The Graduate Support Program allows you to keep connected to your learning whilst continuing to grow and evolve your understanding in a non-pressured way. It is your chance to re-visit, re-experience and re-learn, whilst connecting back in to the 'yoga bubble' vibe and be exposed to new queries and different perspectives. The Graduate Support Program also keeps you connected to our wealth and experience of Ashram Yoga trained teachers internationally.   

Graduate Support is available for our following teacher training courses:

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training (in-house weekends)

  • +300hr Yoga Teacher Training (first 160hrs only)

  • Yoga Nidra 1 & 2 Teacher Training

The Graduate Support Program is also available for advanced teacher trainings for
half of the full course price (plus food & board costs if the training is residential): 

  • +300 Yoga Teacher Training (remaining 140hrs)

  • Yoga Nidra 3 Teacher Training

A limited number of spaces are reserved on our teacher training courses for Graduate Support participants, so secure your spot in advance as these places fill up quickly! Email:

We encourage you to top up your yoga tank and stay connected within the Ashram Yoga community through our Graduate Support Program.

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