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About Ashram Yoga

Keep it simple. Be real. Make it beautiful.

As one of New Zealand's long established yoga studios and teacher training schools we pride ourselves on presenting traditional yoga in a format accessible to the very beginner up to the more experienced yogi.

We come from a foundation of experience. Established in 1980 by Swami Shantimurti Saraswati, who spent over 12 years living in an Ashram environment and another 20+ years running them.

Ashram Yoga embodies a very classical, traditional approach to yoga. Our style has its roots in the teachings of the Saraswati lineage. We follow the 8-fold path of yoga, where emphasis does not solely exist on the asana (posture) portion of a yoga practice. You can expect to learn and experience pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and relaxation techniques (Yoga Nidra). We emphasise the need to connect the mind, body and breath throughout our yoga classes. We place an important focus and awareness upon the energetic systems of ourselves - namely the chakras (energy centres), bandhas (energetic locks), mudras (energetic gestures) and nadis (energy pathways). Our teachers are passionate about perpetuating the practices and techniques of an authentic yoga lineage.

We are renowned for our comprehensive yoga teacher training programmes, which often exceed the expectations of our participants and develop well rounded, knowledgeable yogi’s and yogini’s. Ashram Yoga is an accredited Yoga Alliance Registered teacher training school.

We offer weekly yoga classes, teacher trainings, workshops and events in Auckland, at our partner yoga studios Pranabar and Yoga Ground.  At our Ohui Retreat in the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, we offer teacher trainings, a variety of different yoga and meditation retreats as well as casual stay options.

Ashram Yoga has a long history of supporting people in developing themselves. We have taught thousands of yoga classes and trained hundreds of international yoga teachers. Our goal has always been to spread the transformative power of yoga far and wide. We find that sharing yoga is tremendously rewarding and a truly effective way to serve people and give to the community.

Ashram Yoga Limited is a Registered Charity.

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