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Ohui Retreat

End of an Era

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A beautiful 12 year chapter is about to be fulfilled. At the conclusion of 2020 Ashram Yoga shall be moving on from Ohui, pressing pause on retreats, workshops and Teacher Trainings. In doing so we are not heavy of heart, rather deeply grateful to have been the caretakers and residents of this land which has allowed us to have facilitated opportunities for thousands of people to find solace, transformation, peace, connection and to have had some good old yogic FUN!

Our lease on the land is ending and in this shifting climate we feel this a natural time to allow this cycle to evolve, so the opportunity for more magnificence and Yoga can come through in other ways.  This is the closing of a chapter not the end of the book.  

To allow for this we are creating space in the first half of 2021. Whilst continuing with Ashram Yoga projects, Atma will spend more focused time with her family and Devananda shall take a well deserved sabbatical. Our invaluable Retreat Manager Becky is poised and ready to welcome new ventures that excite and inspire her. We deeply thank all who have helped shape and create the feel of this space over the years via your attendance, involvement, energy and goodwill. Be it on trainings, retreats, holiday stays or through Woofing we know that everyone who has shared time on this land has been touched and transformed.

The resonance of Ashram Yoga Ohui Retreat began with a New Year’s chant for unknown manifestations amongst Shantimurti, Atma and Devananda whilst staying on a friend’s property down the road in Opoutere. What yielded from this was the land - which Shantimurti stepped onto, observed and embraced the enormous challenge ahead deciding to create a centre for Yoga education and lifestyle. As we’ve heard from many people globally – quite unlike any other.  

We know how much this place and space means to many of you, so we are creating the opportunity for you to have one last yogic hit! To celebrate this closing chapter we have designed a full throttle month in November (see offerings below). With a myriad of ways which you can engage – be it a casual stay, retreat, for learning, connecting, or to dive deep and explore your inner and energetic realms… as well as to honor and say farewell to this beautiful space and place.

This is a progression for Ashram Yoga.  A time to pause for reflection and connection to ourselves to advance with more innovation and creativity.  In the meantime our online monthly subscription continues with our signature feel and Ashram Yoga flavour classes, a vault of content will find a platform for sharing, and we have online course content being collated for further study and learning. You may even find us popping up from time to time to teach a class around the country!

As we have been taught to teach – yoga door to door and shore to shore. We look forward to offering you a new manifestation of the “more”.

Deep Gratitude,
Atma, Devananda and the Team @ Ashram Yoga

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