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Ohui Gluten Free Bread

Ohui GF Bread

Yummy with soup, salads, toasted for breakfast, croutons, dips, etc.


250gms Plain gluten free flour

250gms Cornmeal flour

1 tblspn Yeast

1 tblspn Salt

1 tblspn Sugar

2 tblspn Oil

Warm water (enough for moist cake mix consistency)

Optional additions:

Chopped rosemary, basil, mixed herbs, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, etc.

And/or mix through:

Olives, sun-dried tomatoes, sweetcorn, roasted or fresh capsicum, grated zucchini, silverbeet, etc.


Heat oven to 200˚C

Oil bread tin

Combine flours, salt, sugar, yeast in bowl

Add oil and warm water until desired consistency is achieved (too much will mean your loaf is a little crumbly - too little gives a denser loaf)

Add in optional extras and combine

Pour into bread tin and allow to rise in a warm place for 45 mins - 1hr (rising will depend on how warm it is)

Put in preheated oven for 25 - 35mins (depending on oven) or until golden brown and knife comes out clean


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