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Celebrating Jennie Jackson

Instagram: @theadaptiveyogi


Jennie Jackson has proven to be one of our most resourceful yogi's! She has not only utilised Yoga to support her through her own unique journey, but she has adapted her toolkit to use out in the world and share with others. She is a beacon of light on positive perspective and not succumbing to self limiting beliefs!

When did you do your Ashram Yoga training and why?

I did the part-time Level 1 training in 2016. I had practiced Yoga for 20years + and over time, through the tools of Yoga, found my self-confidence, self-worth and a desire to help others grow. I was gifted a new lease on life after living with a degenerative disability and through a challenging journey of immobility and pain, I was lucky to end up with a prothesis device that helps me walk & yoga pain free – Amazing! This new life gave me the push to sign up for training – something I had been considering for YEARS but thought my body was not good enough, wrong, too big, disabled, blah de blah blah blah! Ahh the things we tell ourselves! Yoga has helped me realize how WRONG I was with that mindset and conditioning and I am passionate about sharing this discovery with others – to lead a lighter, more joyous, happy & free life!

How has the inspiration from Yoga carried forward in your life?

It’s most definitely made me a better person! Easier to be around and able to give love and kindness to others more often that I would have without Yoga! It’s helped me to deal with the roller coaster that is life and all the challenges you face, without sinking into a deep dark hole – have had some extremely stressful situations and without Yoga, I really don’t know how I would have gotten through.

It has given me a whole new extremely enjoyable, challenging career as a Yoga teacher and business owner.

I love to spread the word that ‘Yoga is for ALL’ attracting those that previously thought they ‘couldn’t’ take part, a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, no matter what ability, size, age or state you are in, you are welcomed and catered for in my classes! Inviting my students onto a ‘journey to body peace’ through gentle, encouraging, accessible Yoga via the framework learnt through Ashram Yoga.

I am part of the accessible Yoga community and upload accessible (Ashram style, adapted!) chair classes to an online adaptive athlete platform the USA – it’s fun to be part of & another income stream.

I have also specialized in teaching women in bigger bodies find their way to Yoga through having a body they can relate to and also many people living with disabilities with a regular wheelchair and Curvylicious classes! Sharing Ashram base style infused with body peace guidance - accessible Yoga for ALL, breathing, mindfulness and meditation. I offering group and private classes, courses and retreats in New Zealand. Partnering with my sister who is a naturopath we have run many successful retreats at stunning locations throughout New Zealand – we pinch ourselves each time – how lucky are we!

I have also built an online Yoga community with many Zoom classes weekly, an extensive on-demand video library – many ways to join this from class passes to GREAT value memberships!

What “tools” do you most regular use or return to in your daily life?

Pranayama and Meditation. Being able to shift my mental and emotional state through breath and awareness of mind (from a regular meditation practise). Especially being able to identify my ‘inner meany pants!’ that used to dominate the mental space, and now more dominant is a place of peace, acceptance and kindness.

The Ashram system of teaching is so authentic and solid – I feel it gives me such a great base for teaching everyday – a proven structure and buffet of sequences to choose from and develop my own style within.

Hari Om Tat Sat


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