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Teacher Trainer


About Me

Yoga is my slow-burning bed of embers. The tools that weave in a little more self awareness and curiosity, daily. The yoga mat is not my home. Neither is a city, or a aesthetically-crafted studio. I thrive outside, usually in the mountains, sweaty and slightly out of breath, grinning from ear-to-ear. 


But I can’t always be there, and the access to a peaceful solid ‘self-centre’, crafted through regular practice of yoga keeps my feet earthed and filters a calm awareness through life’s daily little tornados.


Outside of facilitating the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course with Ashram Yoga, I am an NZ adventure guide and rock climber. A seeker and lover of limits. Explorer of the body as my best and life-long friend - what a relationship! Yoga fascinates me as a tool for evolution, one of many – but a darn good one.

My Teaching Style
Quiet and strong comes to mind. I like the term ‘guiding-style’ better perhaps, while using a traditional framework. I tend to focus a lot on an encouraging inner exploration of possibilities rather than flexibilities. Working with and increasing strength and resilience are things that bring a sparkle to my eyes. 


“Opening the door and turning on the light” for others, so maybe we can all step out together into the world and care for it and ourselves a little better. 


Favourite Travel Destination?
New Zealand. I love this country!


Past Life/Other Career Experiences?

Commercial Pilot. No, really! Small, regional charter, and instructing.

Glacier Guide. Yoga Studio owner operator in Brazil. Sometime ski-bus driver and lifty!

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