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Atma Okan

Managing Director; Senior Teacher

About Me
​My vocation for the last three decades has been learning and teaching the philosophy, art and science of yoga.  I am also devoted to my partner and family, which have taught me some of the finer things in life...  humour, commitment, unconditional love and fun.

My main role within Ashram Yoga has been creating and supporting its sustainability and growth with dedication and tenacity.  Being in the company of people through learning and connection is what I love to do.

​I find balance with having my feet firmly on the ground and my head floating in the clouds.  I'm all for celebrating life with all night kirtans, rocking out to ACDC, enjoying a glass of bubbles and being with friends and family.

My Teaching Style
My first and foremost aim in any class is to allow what is needed to flow.  That being said, it is not always the easiest place to access! So amongst the planning, creativity and array of options that come within compiling a class, my challenge to myself is to stand aside and trust connection, experience and the energy of the group to guide the process. I also enjoy keeping the esoteric and classical approach to yoga alive by including asanapranayamabandhamudra and meditation in every session.

What Brought You To Yoga?
My mum, during my childhood growing up in Fiji.  She taught yoga to my class at school regularly and started an ashram centre for the community.  It was never my intention to teach and little did I know then what was in store!

Most Memorable Yoga Experience?
There are too many but these ones stand out….

  • My first yoga class at 11 years of age with my whole class at school lead by Swami Shantimurti, who later asked me "When are you going to stop eating dead burnt bodies and shave your head?"

"Never!" was my reply.  Two years later I did just that.

  • Taking my boyfriend to his first intercity yoga class in Auckland.  Not having anything appropriate, he wore my yoga tights and got hit on by the teacher!

Guilty Pleasure?
In pleasure there is no guilt ;-)

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