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Wwoofing Opportunities


Wwoofing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) provides educational and cultural experiences in exchange for services to maintain the upkeep of the retreat centre.

We are very lucky to live on one of New Zealand's most beautiful beaches and live a yogic lifestyle. However, running a yoga retreat is a lot of work and we rely on the help of wwoofers to keep things running smoothly.


What We Offer

We offer the opportunity to experience a yogically-oriented lifestyle, the rhythm of which shifts depending on what is happening on the property. However the thread that supports us is yoga, be it through the regular offering of yoga classes, Yoga Nidra (relaxation), kirtan, or satsang (yogic discussion). We also encourage the establishment of a personal yoga practice to take away with you.

We provide three vegetarian meals a day, simple, cozy accommodation (sometimes shared), yoga and an amazing beach just a short walk away. 

What We Require 
We ask for six hours of work exchange per day, six days a week.


Often a yoga class is offered in the morning, followed by breakfast and then the working day begins. We require punctuality and full participation during working hours.

Depending on your skill set and needs of the property, there may be opportunities for project work. However day-to-day needs take priority - these include cleaning, cooking, gardening and outside property maintenance.

Should you be Wwoofer’s during a training course or retreat, participation in classes is not necessarily possible. Facilitators will advise if there is availability for staff to join.

Upon agreement to be with us, we allow for a one week trial period to ensure that the arrangement is suitable for everyone. After which time we look for a minimum stay commitment of one/two months for the maximum benefit to be derived for all involved.

We ask all visitors and staff to adhere to our non-drug and alcohol policy and to respect our vegetarian kitchen. We require all Wwoofer’s to have a valid visa allowing them stay in New Zealand.


Apply Today
If you are interested in contributing and growing with us at Ohui Retreat apply below!  

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