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Sit Your Asana Down

This article is dedicated to exploring how we can come closer to a Steady Seat and how this simple act can be life changing. Enjoy the 3 bonus videos; a GROUNDING and INSPIRING flow to choose from plus a short instructional video to explore EASE while you sit.

We all know we could be sitting our asana down and spending more time in meditation, but do we know why? The first answer is usually something about it being good for us or wanting more wellness in our lives or some variant of that. If we take the time to dig a little deeper it is fascinating to see what comes to the surface.

Want to meet the wisest, inspiring, talented person who has all the answers? Try sitting your asana down. Want more self love, flow and meaning in your life? Try sitting your asana down. Want to rid yourself of the grey malaise and feel inspired? Try sitting your asana down. Once you figure out how to do that you know where to go to get all of the answers. Even the ones you didn’t know you were asking. Start living from your center and life tends to make more sense and even when it doesn’t we generally process and feel peaceful about it a lot quicker.

All you have to do is begin sitting so the rest can follow. However, before we get to that magical and mystical land where our true selves reside there are often a few practical matters to address that can seriously help us along the way.

Let's Get Clear on Asana

The Patanjali Sutras (an ancient text on yoga) explains asana as a steady and comfortable posture. This is super helpful when you are trying to sit for extended periods of time. Even if 4/5 of pain is in the mind. So preparing your body can be helpful for sitting. Once you find a the best sitting posture for you, its one less thing to fight and distract yourself with. This can be through physical postures to prep your body and or with support of cushions, pillows and blankets to help hold the body. Hatha Yoga in general is a way to help cleanse the body of toxins, liberate energy and prepare the mind for sitting steady.

What happens once you figure out how to sit? Once we settle in it can become the loudest moment in our lives. It’s when our mind can start screaming, our body start aching, what we are going to have for breakfast can all of a sudden have the urgency of your standard life or death situation. When we pause from all of the doing, the mind, body and emotions we have been distracted from all tend to want to be heard.

But the real question is “Are you listening?’ And perhaps more importantly, “Are you watching and surrendering to what is?” It’s imperative that we listen or eventually they rally in rebellion and it come out in illness, road rage, sleepless nights and a myriad of unwanted behaviour.

The next layer is closer to what people think of as traditional meditation and is best to be experienced as it is often indescribable. But it's that center point that tends to change everything. When we access the wisdom we all carry and have alignment in ourselves our world and choices tend to follow the same alignment. You find your own inner knowing starts leading the way and your mind starts becoming the useful tool it is supposed to be.

What happens while you sit matters far less than the discipline of actually sitting down. In fact, most of the benefit is often felt in our day to day lives. Just sitting with yourself is the victory. Connecting with ourselves and inner wisdom is the most loving action we can take for ourselves and the most selfless gift we can offer when we step out into the world around us.

If you feel you need a little lift upon arriving on your mat, here is a 25 minute flow to inspire vitality, warmth, movement and release from stagnation. Helping to get you calmly energised for your inward journey.


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