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Autoimmune Awareness Month - Lydia's Story

I was diagnosed with systemic lupus when I was 30 years - completely pulled out of life with so many questions but no answers. Battling constant pain, skin rashes and fatigue, I had grown frustrated in my life. Without energy I lost myself into the diagnosis and focused on what I "cannot" do.

With the help of my intuition encouraging myself to try yoga, I can now ease through emotionally difficult and physically painful moments with better focus & awareness and have been cured of what most think is impossible.

Yoga inspired and helped me to rediscover a more balanced lifestyle. I pretty much experienced every emotion on the mat – crying, sweating, laughing – it brings me back to the present moment & shows me where I am at. It gave me enough strength to break free of my pain cycle and continued to be a gentle lifeline, keeping my body flexible even with the loud cracks emanating from my achy joints. Practicing Yoga improved both my physical and mental health. By finding the connection to my breath, I have built a bridge between my body and my mind in a healthier climate. Including the practice of Pranayama and deep relaxation helped me to reduce stress & anxiety and let me experience an increased attention and focus. On a more subtle level, it allows me to connect to a calm and quiet place within myself so I can experience greater clarity and well-being on every level.

In 2019 I decided to do my Yoga teacher training with Ashram Yoga and dive deeper. It opened up my horizon and gifted me with more understanding & knowledge.

Yoga has been one of my longest & most empowering relationship in my life. It has always given me courage and confidence which is why I have made the practice on my mat a daily priority! It simply changed my life!

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