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Teaching Crew


About Me
I am originally from France and after completing a diploma in tourism, I started my professional career as a seasonal worker. Every 6 months doing a new full on job from tour co-ordinator to reception manager, tour guide and wine taster and plenty of others! I travelled through France like this for few years until my need for travel got bigger. I spent a year in Australia dividing my time between working and travelling. After a short return to France, I fulfilled my dream of discovering a country I was strongly attracted too - New Zealand! It is here that, 5 years ago, I started to settle down and get seriously into yoga. The path from there began to unfold with Ashram Yoga and has kept going in such a blissful way through yoga teacher trainings, to workshops, retreats and leading my own classes.

My Teaching Style
I like the freedom and the creativity that we can bring in a class as teachers and I always deliberately spend time during the week before my class to think, feel into the energy, grab some info into the moon phase, astrology, move my body in some ways to help define my weekly class. I consider myself as a creative in different aspects, music, singing, drawing, painting, playing instruments, dancing… but mostly now, directing all this creative flow into the experience of delivering yoga. I like to bring challenges and give everyone space and time to get the best of their practise and notice the deep subtle changes that occurs.  


What Inspires You In Your Yoga Practice?
The inspiration for me lies in the personal practice and continuing going to classes, over and over again. Seeing the changes that happen every day within yourself and getting into this feeling that all of this is limitless, offers such a different perspective on the impact and potentiality of yoga and keeps the flame of inspiration going.


Favourite Yoga Pose?
It is hard to decide on only one! But as an overall and looking at my day-to-day life, my favourite posture is sitting crossed legged or in Vajrasana on the floor in silence. I am always drawn to that, from morning to evening, anywhere. When friends offer me a couch to sit, it’s quite common that I choose the floor.



Guilty Pleasure?
Chanting Kirtan very loud in my room, secretly hoping my roommates will join me one day! Loving it even more when my cat lies next to me or on my lap.

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