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Teacher Trainer

About Me

​I am an Irish expat living in my adoptive home country of Aotearoa. Plant mama to a family of succulents and spider plants. Professed coffee addict. Lover of sunshine, op shops, sewing machines and a well-organised pantry. 

My Teaching Style
My teaching style adapts to fit the humans on the mat in front of me – but is always rooted in the teachings and informed by personal experience. I try to offer what is needed in the space, expect the unexpected, create a sense of familiarity and ease but add in a few surprises to keep it fresh.


As a teacher there is always the risk of settling into a comfort zone, finding a pattern or formula that works and sticking with that. Students get bored and spot that pretty quickly – and it doesn’t facilitate any real growth or connection. So I try to stay right on my edge as much as I can, trying new things and pushing the boundaries of sharing yoga.

Most Memorable Yoga Experience?

The first Yoga Nidra I ever received – which was from the late Shantimurti. It was during my Level One Teacher Training at Ohui and there was a rumour going around that “somebody actually DIED during one of his nidras!” I remember feeling so intrigued and apprehensive, not of dying but of the power of the practice and of being around such an experienced teacher! I stayed awake throughout the whole thing, completely hooked on his every word and waiting to see what the next stage would be. I can still remember the whole journey, I fell in love with the technique instantly. I have had many more yoga nidras ever since, but this one will always stay with me. 


Aspirations For The Future?

The future is a supremely untouchable entity. I spend quite a bit of my time projecting myself forward into it, with little to no success in my predictions of how things will turn out. Current aspirations for the future are akin to my aspirations for the present! Stay dedicated, keep trusting, be open to give and receive love. If you take care of the present, the future will take care of itself.

Favourite Quote

From Atma: ”When you’re green, you grow and when you’re ripe, you rot!”

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