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(Wendy Vermeulen)

Senior Teacher; Teacher Trainer


About Me
​I suppose one of the things friends would say is that I am prone to a good ‘deep and meaningful'. I love a great chat about the lighter side of life - like quantum understanding and energy, understanding the neuroscience of life and all that is!

​I also love to talk about my dog and cat and animals in general! I enjoy music (although I am not musical) and to continually learn and share what I have learned. 


My Teaching Style

Generally I teach intuitively. My best classes come when I listen, breathe and get out of the way. This has taken time to develop and I have spent many years learning 'content' to draw upon. I love to go with the energy in the room or allow a theme to arise. Having said that, I also bring strong anatomical component as that is quite ingrained in me. 

What Brought You To Yoga?
I started yoga many years ago mainly to stretch when I was a triathlete and involved in the gym. I would struggle with the quieter side of yoga back then. But yoga has its way of creeping into your being and I soon got hooked. Following the path further and further down the rabbit hole. The further I go, the more I learn, the more I feel I am just at the tip of knowing. 


Favourite Song?
That changes depending on my mood and what I 'need' the song for. My playlist mainly consists of classical, mantra-based songs and happy pop. 


Aims And Goals For The Future?
Oh where do I begin! I am the founder of a Meditation and Yoga studio – Pranabar.  I will eventually get to a life of less early (like really early) mornings, more travel and space to create, write and share my inspirations. I definitely want to write a book, or at least a pamphlet! 

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