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Traditionally, Surya Namaskara - also known as the Salute to the Sun sequence of yoga postures - is practised to the accompanyment of mantras. The vibrations of the mantras are beneficial to the body and brain, helping to create an uplifted state of mind.

For each posture there is a Surya mantra and a Bija mantra (seed sound).
This recording takes you through the Dancing Style of Surya Namaskara for 12 rounds.

The mantras are chanted at a slow pace in the beginning and as the practice moves into the bija mantras, the speed increases.

As your practice develops you can mentally repeat the mantras for a stronger effect.

NB: If you are pregnant or have any injuries, please get advice from a qualified yoga instructor or your doctor before you attempt this at home.

The voices on this album are Atma Okan and Lon Gibbons.

15:13 minutes duration.

Surya Namaskara (Salute to the Sun) - 12 Rounds

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