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Pranayama & Meditation Level 1

Teacher Training Course

The Pranayama and Meditation Level 1 training course is taught over one weekend as an intensive workshop. 

This course will empower you to confidently deliver and integrate different pranayama and meditation techniques within your classes and to create courses and workshops with a pranayama and meditation focus - as well as be enthused to add or embrace these tools in one’s own practice.  


For previously trained Ashram yogi’s, you will receive an opportunity to focus fully on the stand out aspect of your training, not widely offered by other yoga styles. 

Course Content

The course covers the essential principles of pranayama and meditation in practising and teaching, including:

  • Learning 4 pranayama techniques - Nawa Sankhya, Nadi Shodhana (all stages), Bhastrika (stage 1) and Ujjayi.

  • Learning 2 traditional meditation techniques including mantra - Ajapa japa (Stage 1 & 2) and (Stage 3 with mantra).

All course material is presented in workbooks for you to keep and make notes in. Extra text books are beneficial but not compulsory and are available for purchase through Ashram Yoga. 

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