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Kellie Michelle Cheung

Teaching Crew


About Me
I feel like I have already lived a few lives in this single incarnation thus far. I’ve given myself the freedom to explore all of the things which have ignited my interest. Acting, journalism, spirituality, living in Bondi Beach, moving countries and cities on my own, believing in love and taking leaps of faith... lots of them. One of those leaps led me back home and into a yoga teacher training! 



My Teaching Style
My style is slow and steady. I like to take my time with people on the mat and encourage others to explore their practice and take ownership of it. I want to empower people in their own experience of yoga, by reminding them that there are no rules; only disciplines. 

I teach with a lot of heart, because I genuinely love to teach! My class begins as soon as the student walks through the door, before they’ve even stepped foot on the mat. I create a space where there is a lot of love and a lot of warmth, one where people feel held and can surrender to their process. ​

What Has Yoga Brought To Your Life?
Yoga has brought to my life a great sense of balance and stability. Once I discovered the benefit of a daily sadhana practice, I made meeting myself on the mat every day a priority. This meeting of self has given me much clarity, self-acceptance and the ability to get beyond my fears. Yoga has also brought me a lot of happiness, both through the sheer joy of doing yoga and through the sharing of my practice with others.


Past Life/Other Careers?
In another life, I’m a TV/film actress. I find the two - yoga and acting - to be very complimentary. The yoga has been the vehicle which has allowed me to shed the layers in order discover my truth and essence and to have the courage to let others see me exactly as I am. 


Guilty Pleasures?
Coffee, being a night owl and chocolate (I’m eating a block as I write this!)

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