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Jan O'Neill (Jyotisha)

Teaching Crew


About Me

I love meeting people where they are at and then inspiring or nudging them toward healing and growth. One of my greatest joys is helping people to discover that there is more to them than just their physical flesh and bones. Both yoga and chiropractic help people to access their innate healing potential and limitless energy which they can use for healing, personal transformation and expansion. It’s great fun!!


My Teaching Style

Challenging, aligned and connected.


What has yoga brought to your life?

 I found yoga during an immense period of growth in my life (aka a really tough time) when my health was greatly challenged. Yoga was one of the few things that carried me through this time and helped me on my path toward wellbeing. I have always loved how yoga makes me feel and now I am actively working to make it a part of my everyday life and to be able to share the pure joy of it with others.



Favourite Travel Destination

Any beach where the sun is HOT!  



Past Life/Other Career Paths

Previously worked as an environmental planner. I am currently a Network Spinal chiropractor. I run my own chiropractic studio, Spine Evolution, on the North Shore of Auckland. 

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