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Vanessa Varela (Sattva Devi)

Teaching Crew


About Me

It was December 2009 when I first attended an Ashram Yoga class at the studio in Parnell. Needless to say - it was love at first breath!

What I have received from AY is a deep love for yoga, both as a science, and as a life style. The senior teachers are ambassadors of a very traditional, classic style of yoga. This has helped me acquire a set of tools and techniques to develop myself, and overcome challenges with much more ease.

In May 2016 I  was the recipient of the Level 1 Teacher Training scholarship. This allowed me to become an AY qualified yoga teacher! Since then I have been able to share the love of yoga with some amazing individuals, in various yoga environments.


Having my own personal practice parallel to this teaching, has helped me to understand that the goal is not to collect knowledge, but to earn a personal experience, which is obtained by constant and consistent efforts with our yoga practices.


My desire is to teach from those efforts and lessons authentically, as has been passed on to me.

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