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Devananda (Dee Gleitman)

Director; Senior Teacher

About Me
​I’m a dynamic and highly energetic person, known to laugh a lot yet with a propensity for depth.  Motivated by a curiosity to develop understanding of energy, my yogic study was preceded by studying and practicing Zen Shiatsu and Thai Massage. This was a hands on way to learn and develop energetic understanding.  

I was brought to my first yoga class as a teenager by my sister and sustained a regular class practice as I bounced my way around the world.    

In countries where I couldn’t attend classes, I did my own practice (I remember having a laminated card of random postures for this!) and have done so in some spectacular spots. From remote tropical beaches to African deserts.   

​I came to Ashram Yoga as a student in 2006 to gain understanding on the feels and effects of yoga and to meet like-minded people in a new country. Unbeknownst to me I found what was to unfurl into a career, a lifestyle and a life path! I have been blessed to become intricately involved and embedded in teaching, training and operating with Ashram Yoga ever since.

I value freedom and connection, love travel and have a not so secret hobby of toe nail artistry!

My Teaching Style
Teaching yoga is my expressive and creative outlet. I love constructing energetically-orientated classes that allow people to discover, explore and have an experience within themselves.  I embrace teaching yoga as a way to share yet simultaneously attempt to get out of the way and allow others to have and develop  their own perceptions and experiences.  My classes adhere to the traditional embodiment of the eight-fold path working from gross to subtle, and are said to be challenging and engaging!

What Has Yoga Brought To Your Life?
A passion, a pursuit, a lifestyle and a system/science to continue to understand and embrace the ever unfolding mysteries of Life with tools to use to navigate through it!

What Are You Best Known For?
My laughter! It’s prominent and contagious.

Favourite Quote?
“In the end it’s all Ok. If it’s not Ok, it’s not the end” as it provides a tangible feel to gauge as to when something has come to completion.

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