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Yoga Nidra Level 1

Guided Relaxation Training Course

The Yoga Nidra Level 1 training course is taught over one weekend as an intensive workshop. 

Understanding the deeper aspects of Yoga Nidra will make you more confident in facilitating them. Rather than just following a formula, you will know the purpose behind each part. This knowledge makes Yoga Nidra a transformative tool giving you many options in its application.

We begin in Level 1 by exploring and understanding the foundations of this practice, the sequence in which it should be delivered and the applications for this technique.

At the end of the course, you will be able to guide and deliver the foundational stages of the Yoga Nidra technique.


Course Content

The course covers how to sequence each different stage within the Yoga Nidra technique, including:

  • Exploring in detail the systematic unfolding of deep, relaxed awareness.

  • Identifying and learning the different elements of the astral body known as koshas. 

  • Understanding the distinct levels of consciousness as guided through the technique.

  • Learning how to comfortably guide people in to and out of the practice.

  • Understanding the effect that each stage of the sequence has upon the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

All course material is presented in workbooks for you to keep and make notes in. Extra text books are beneficial but not compulsory and are available for purchase through Ashram Yoga. 

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